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Whether you are a company or an individual, investing for the first time or an experienced investor, you will require help and guidance in a particularly diverse and challenging marketplace.

There are ever increasing numbers of investment solutions available. At Oak Wealth Planning we take great care to position our client’s investments into the correct areas, whether that is for growth or income, an adventurous or more conservative approach.

At Oak Wealth Planning we appreciate that companies and individual circumstances differ and that investment advice requires to be tailored to each individual. We offer a service providing bespoke advice from advisers experienced in all facets of investment including Wealth Management, Income provision, Inheritance Tax Planning, and associated tax systems.

We always take our time to ensure the solution we put together provides you with the right strategy and the right investment management to ensure it’s tailored to your future.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on Estate Planning.

Contact us on 01234 888825 to discuss how we can start to build a plan for you to get your assets working harder.

Retirement Planning

In our experience, when it comes to providing for our retirement too many people are doing too little too late!! Taking a pro-active approach to your retirement is imperative and putting together a structured saving plan can make a big difference to the lifestyle you will enjoy when you retire. We are finding more and more that people are coming to the realisation that they cannot rely on the State alone.

Pension legislation dramatically changed in April 2015, to see how this may have affected you, contact us for a personal appraisal of your pension situation.

Today there are a number of tax efficient ways of providing for a comfortable retirement. The area is complex and choosing the right vehicle requires a detailed understanding of your personal circumstances, tax position, employment status and more. At Oak Wealth Planning we take our responsibility to provide you with top quality pension advice very seriously and assure you that we will use our expertise and experience to give you the best opportunity to enjoy the retirement that you desire.

The following are some of the main types of pension contracts that we would be happy to offer our advice.

  • Stakeholder pension
  • Personal Pension Plan (PPPs)
  • Group Personal Pension Plan
  • Executive Personal Pension Plan
  • Employers Schemes (Occupational Pensions)
  • Self Invested Personal Pension Plan

These are some of the main contracts available for drawing your pension benefits with which we can provide planning.

  • Annuities
  • Phased retirement
  • Pension Fund Withdrawal (Income Drawdown)

Retirement Planning is all about knowing how to maximise the income (& Capital) from your pension arrangements (and other assets) and should take into consideration your personal circumstances, tax efficiency, inheritance tax, your beneficiaries, flexibility and of course control. Oak Wealth Planning can provide detailed advice following a thorough financial review.

The value of pensions can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on Estate Planning.

Contact us on 01234 888825 to discuss how we can start working together to shape the retirement that you deserve.

Personal Protection

One of the aims of personal protection is to provide money for people who are financially dependent on you. The concept of this area is often difficult to comprehend. Nobody wants to think about death, but the reality is that our loved ones will need support after we have passed on. Unfortunately we find that many people to not have have an adequate level of personal protection for their circumstances nor the most appropriate type.

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one or an illness is never an easy thing to do and adding financial burden to the situation can make coping increasingly difficult. Having an appropriate level and type of personal protection in place can help to support your family or even a business partner.

Among the reasons to take out personal protection could include:

  • Mortgage repayments – do you wish to arrange for your mortgage to be paid off?
  • Replacing the primary earner’s salary – ensuring the family does not fall on hard times after your death.
  • Replacing childcare – the death of the primary childcare provider could lead to the need for childcare expenses.
  • Education expenses – cover for school/university fees after the death of the primary earner.
  • Tax Mitigation

There are many different types of other cover available such as, critical illness cover, mortgage protection policies, income protection, endowment plans, whole of life cover, Permanent Health Insurance (PHI), keyman cover, business protection and Accident Sickness and Unemployment (ASU), these are just some of the policies available there are more, in fact many people are not sure exactly what cover they hold.

As we are Independent Financial Advisers we are able to select the most appropriate policies from the whole market providing not just protection, but protection tailored to you and your family.

We will look also at any existing cover you have and advise you as to what type of cover you hold and whether it is suitable and appropriate to your personal financial circumstances. If you currently have no type of personal or family insurance we will advise you on the appropriate cover required for your unique circumstances and continue to advise as your needs change.

We hope that your protection plans are like an umbrella that you’ll never need, but contact us on 01234 888825 so that we can help you in not putting things to chance.


The mortgage market is a complex area. In today’s marketplace choosing the correct mortgage is increasingly difficult with many lenders and countless rates and offers presented to you. For most people, your home will be the largest single investment you will ever make, so taking the wrong mortgage can end up costing thousands extra over the lifetime of the loan, and what appears to be the cheapest on day one will not always prove to be so over an extended period of time.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Whether you’re a first time buyer, re-mortgaging or purchasing a buy-to let, we will work with you to make the process as stress-free as possible. Call Oak Wealth Planning on 01234 888825 and we will we aim to find you the best mortgage to suit your circumstances.

Inheritance Tax Planning

In our experience this area of clients financial planning tends to be one of the more emotionally driven aspects of their life. Many feel aggrieved at the prospect of building a legacy for their family over their lifetime only for the beneficiaries of their estate to pay away a substantial proportion of the inheritance in tax.

Whilst recent changes in legislation have put an end to a few of the more commonly implemented strategies there are still many appealing avenues for clients to consider.

Once described as an 'optional tax', Inheritance Tax can be severely mitigated or even removed completely should the client have the desire to do so.

Our view at Oak Wealth Planning is that we want to assist clients in preserving as much of their wealth as possible for future generations. We also want our clients to understand the processes involved with inheritance tax so that they can position their estates to ensure that their family do not suffer undue stress and difficulties when going through the probate procedure.

Rarely do we see two family situations the same and therefore we look to build individual plans for each client – involving, meeting and discussion them with the wider family if appropriate.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on Estate Planning.

If ensuring that more of your wealth is cascaded down to your family is important to you then please call us on 01234 888825.

Lifestyle Planning

At Oak Wealth Planning, we understand that sometimes new clients are wary to seek financial planning services because they ‘don't want to be sold something’. In our experience more often than not, what they require is for an experience and qualified financial planner to understand what their personal aspirations are and look into whether their existing provision is appropriate and sufficient to fulfil their objectives.

We also understand that as clients progress through the different life stages their priorities tend to alter to reflect their change in circumstances. Whilst the following examples are by no means exhaustive, they give an idea of some of the areas that may be appropriate to look at in the different stages of life.

Early Working Years

  • Repay Educational Debt
  • Protect Income
  • Property Deposit Saving Strategies
  • Mortgages

Mid Working Years

  • Mortgage Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Savings & Investments
  • Pensions
  • School Fees

Pre Retirement Years

  • Pensions
  • Savings & Investments
  • Positioning assets ready for Post Retirement
  • Phased Retirement Planning

Post Retirement

  • Vesting Pensions
  • Investing for Income
  • Inheritance Tax Planning

To that end, we can spend time with you and work with you to prepare a Lifestyle Plan that will help you build a clear vision of your life ahead and what steps are required to make your plans become reality.

Without having to invest any funds or take out new policies our Lifestyle Planning Service will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of where you are against where you want to be, and let you see what actions, if applicable, should be implemented

The value of pension and investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on Estate Planning.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on School Fee Planning.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

To arrange a meeting. at our expense, to discuss our Lifestyle Planning Service, call us on 01234 888825.


Oak Wealth Planning offer a range of financial services for different types of clients. We ensure that the advice we offer for people in different circumstances is sound, accurate, and educated.

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