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Mark Young

Mark Young
Position - Associate Independent Financial Planner

Mark has worked in Financial Services since 1975 and found his passion as a Financial Planner in 1995 when he took his first role as a financial adviser. Since then Mark has grown his experience and qualifications and is a Certified Financial Planner with the Institute of Financial Planning. He has also been accredited by the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). Mark is passionate about helping people plan financially for their desired lifestyle. Mark uses lifetime cash flow planning to help clients visualise what the future might look like, both based on their current situation, as well as a number of 'what if' scenarios such as 'what if I needed care' or 'what if I decide to retire earlier??'. Mark works well with older clients and those in retirement or planning for retirement. He ensures all professional advisers are working towards the same goals in supporting his clients, so their financial planner, their accountant and their solicitor are all pulling in the same direction, to the same plan.

Mark started working in Banking until he realised that his desire for customer service was not matched by his employer and so moved to Building Societies until the 'carpet baggers' meant that most mutual's became PLC's, driven by profit, dividend and shareholders so value for the client became a secondary thought. Mark has designed and delivered Pre-Retirement Courses and Midlife Financial Planning courses for a number of Local Authorities and Health Authorities and has provided financial planning to individuals since 1995. Mark is experienced in looking at Inheritance Tax strategies with his clients as well as helping manage their investment and pensions. Marks' services are endorsed by both his peer group and other professionals via linked in as well as his clients via the 'Vouched For' website.

Mark is in this for the long term. This statement applies to the fact that he believes he adds the greatest value to his clients through his on-going advice and support and states that even though he is in his mid 50's, his passion will not allow him to retire at 65 and plans to carry on advising for as long as he's healthy enough to do so and his client's still want him to.

Mark is married with two grown up children and two grandchildren. Family is important to him. Both Marks' father and mother in-law needed residential care and so he has have experienced this first hand and has a deep desire to help clients and families seeking financial advice when care is needed. Mark Enjoys Golf as his only real sport and tries to play at least once a week. He also enjoys watching his local football team.

Contact information

DD - 01908 597295
Mobile - 07794 264730


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