Oak Wealth Planning, Independent Financial Planning

Client Experience

“Everything starts with the customer”

- Louis XIV

Any business cannot exist without clients, and at Oak Wealth Planning this value sits at the heart of what we do. It is therefore no surprise that we aim to deliver a level of service that differentiates us from our competitors.

We want to build long term relationships with our clients based on trust, expertise, honesty and service. This commitment is supported by our view that Financial Planners should not be asked to service a volume of clients that would fundamentally undermine and dilute the service offered.

Advice Process

Another core value of our business is that we should not 'pigeon hole' clients. We will treat all clients individually, however there are several key components that all clients of Oak Wealth Planning can expect:

Oak Wealth Advice Process

Improve Your Professional Network

Oak Wealth Planning offers clients more than just a contact to discuss Financial Planning matters. With a large number of professional connections we are able to make introductions to companies or individuals offering a wide range of services outside of Financial Planning for example Will Writers, Legal Services & Accountancy.

In addition we are able, with client’s permission, to introduce clients to one another where there are areas of mutual professional interest.

Client Interaction

A well as financial planning meetings, throughout the year Oak Wealth Planning runs and will invite clients to a variety of events whereby clients can engage with Oak Wealth Planning staff, have direct access to investment managers and product providers.

We feel that these events are important for clients as it demonstrates the strong relationships we have with those firms that we recommend and allows client to have direct access to the individuals who are directing responsible for managing their financial affairs.